Olivia Ong - You & Me
作詞:ZHOU, YAO HUI / 作曲:Dick Lee

Taking a trip down memory lane  / 記憶裡的那條小路
Things have changed  / 所有事情都改變了
One thing remains  / 只有一件事情依舊
That they will always have each other  / 就是他們擁有彼此
And even though those days have gone  / 雖然那些日子已經逝去
They know here is where they belong  / 但這裡還是屬於他們
There's some kinda magic in the air  / 而空氣裡瀰漫著魔法
Feel the warmth  / 暖暖的微風
That only summer breezes can bring  / 是夏日帶來的
Sweet little notes of spring begin / 也是春天的甜甜禮物
Nothing to fear / 沒什麼好怕的
Taking one step at a time  / 一步一步的走
Walking hand in hand / 牽著手、散著步
Cheek to cheek / 臉對臉
And they're learning / 他們在學習
How to do that dance / 要怎麼跳舞 
Let this love be forevermore they say / 想讓愛成為永恆
I wish for this / 我希望他們的願望能成真
To be true for you and me / 也希望我們的愛也會永恆
Holding her close / 那男生牽著那女生
He leading the way / 他帶領著她
Out at the park / 走出了公園
Enjoying the day / 美好的一天
And you can tell they'll be ok / 而你能告訴他們:愛會永恆的

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